Tuesday, March 20, 2007

your wish is my command

It has come to my attention (ahem, J., I am looking at you) that I haven't been blogging enough. Partly I will confess it's because my internet time has been eaten by a dual obsession with facebook and what's happening on Battlestar Galactica. Not pretty, but true.

I'm really excited about this book that I've ordered in at the store called "She's Such a Geek!" Even though it's about women in science and math rather than women in Dungeons and Dragons, I suspect I will relate.

Also: sun! sun! sun! sun!

I didn't promise quality in my more frequent blogging.

ETA: apparently, there is mention of D&D in "She's Such a Geek". it's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled together.


Miss Julia said...

tee hee, Izzat me?
Did I give you grief for not blogging? That sounds like me. I am the LAST person to slag on someone for not blogging. What a jerkface.

We saw your handsome boy at the art store the other day.
I hope he sent love as instructed.

'col said...

yes, there was love. also vague mutterings about getting together sometime. which would be swell.

I'm at Festival Hall on Thursday inna morning to assist with shelving--I'm so out of it I don't even know if Kevin's still there, much less if he'll be there then...but that would be cool...

and no, it was a different J. she knows who she is. I have clearly been inadequately menaced, though, as my blogging hasn't picked up much.