Thursday, March 12, 2009

my family just got bigger

This is Nico, second of my World's Most Gorgeous Nieces.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

nom nom nom

It's not all throwing up and fainting and complaining about how my clothes fit, 'round here at Newly Human--some of it is waxing rhapsodic about the grocery store near our new apartment. We went over today to measure some room sizes and sign our lease, and on our way home we stopped by to do a sample shop.

From a neighbourhood grocery where icing sugar and veggie burgers have both been known to qualify as a "frill," we are moving to one where the No Frills has live Tilapia, a butcher's counter, and seven kinds of ready-to-bake pies (four if you want them in the "pie for two" size). They have bean curd in hot chili oil, they have Mole in jars, and cans of tomatillos, they have fancy snack nuts. About halfway through our shopping spook started giggling helplessly and widening his eyes at me, like can you believe this shit?

This in addition to a Sobey's right around the corner and about six fruit stands within a ten-minute walk, two coffee shops selling fair trade beans, a cheese shop and an organic meat store. It is food heaven.