Wednesday, December 06, 2006

my eyes! the goggles, they do nothing!

The Swarovski crystal tree is up again at Eaton Centre. Its sparkles occasionally catch the light and throw it right into my eyes when I'm greeting. Tragically, this has not yet blinded me, and I have to keep seeing the hideous thing.


Miss Julia said...

Aw... :(
Why do you hate it so?
I think it's so pretty.
All that refraction gets me going.

Nothing like a little science to spruce up the holidays!

Miss Julia said...

Ok, it is a bit obscene.

Maybe if it was half the size?

'col said...

Maybe if it was half the size...and didn't rotate.

Miss Julia said...

Awwww!!! But the sparkliness pivots (har har) on the rotation! I love the sparkly!! The Sparkly!!

My inner princess has become enormous under Kevin's watchful eye.