Friday, April 21, 2006

because I love math so much

I have spent the last several hours

1) reading yet another book about finances and financial decision-making
2) creating an Excel spreadsheet that will tell me horrifying things about how I handle my money

Now I think I'm going to go get a beer and see if there isn't something really, really mindless on television. When I've recovered from the shock I may try to figure out whether there's anything there worth sharing with y'all.

1 comment:

Miss Julia said...

I absolutely love the tone of your evening. Go stress yourself out a little about taking care of your new family, then go waste some time with a beer in your hand.

Can I see you soon? I miss your laugh. It's supercute. Do you guys eat meat? We BBQ all summer, so just about any night (once our apartment recovers from Hurricane Wedding) would be good. Do you have our #? I'm at