Tuesday, May 17, 2005

one hour from now I'll be looking down at the Rocky Mountains

Well, spook left this morning for a week away at his folks' place. He's only been gone an hour or so, but somehow the apartment has a different kind of empty feeling when I know he won't be home tonight. The place is kind of a shambles after our weekend cut-and-paste-athon, and the kitties are staring at me. At moments like this, I have an overwhelming desire to run away, live in a tower room somewhere and support myself as a waitress, and then I remember--oh, wait. I've done all of those things, not necessarily all at the same time. They weren't so exciting.

Instead, I'm gonna go roll up my sleeves, turn up CBC radio one and listen to whatever they're discussing, and clean out the fridge. Housework is always available as consolation (Jen's "low probability of failure" activities).


Jennifer said...

Yes, I still do those things sometimes. "Hmmmm, my life is very difficult right now. I will clean the bathroom and certainly feel very accomplished afterwards..."

And that is one of my favourite Greg MacPherson lines!

'col said...

I love that song...love, love, love that song...and the album it's on is currently unavailable. theoretically they're re-releasing it on G7 Welcoming Committee at some point, but for now I listen to it on the tape that you made for me, and wish I had the damn thing on cd to add to mixes...peh.

Jennifer said...

I'll burn you a copy. Do you want to have a quick dinner this Saturday before I go to see Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall?