Wednesday, May 18, 2005

my roommates are furry, and they let me control the stereo

Slept horribly. I kept waking up and thinking something fuzzy like "geez it's late, I wonder when spook is coming--oh. in Alberta. right." What can I say? I'm a creature of habit.
At eight-thirty I rolled over to discover myself flanked by my cats, who were chickened up in an attitude of expectancy, staring. I took the hint and got up. Put on my fuzzy slippers, made some coffee, and turned on CBC radio. That little news chime? I've missed it so. There are advantages to living alone for a few days. I've been listening to all the talking heads freaking out about Belinda Stronach crossing the floor--I'm not sure whether I think she'll be great for the Liberals, but it was nice to hear her stick it to that reptile Harper. He's like an evil Ken doll. There was a documentary about HIV in China, and in a bit they're talking about Engineers Without Borders. There's information! I remember this! I have to figure out how to do this more.

And hey, I got tagged! So here goes:

If I could be a linguist, I'd be cunning.

If I could be a doctor, I'd take as many trans patients as I could find, because there are not enough answers and not enough medical people interested in finding more.

If I could be a chimney sweep, there would definitely be singing and dancing involved.

Adam, Mere, and Jax--you know what happens now.


Meredith said...

Damn! I don't know any bloggers except you guys! Who'm I gonna tag? Except possibly goad Paul into finally getting a blog.

ShanghaiCowgirl said...

Yup. I def'y think that Paul is next on the blog-train. He could write about books and basketball and his problems finding a cup of coffee with bite in the 'hood.

BTW: Have you tried Ground yet Paulichan? It's just south and a little west of you - on Queen. Maybe there coffee is more bite-y.

Aww. Bite-y. I miss Ad already. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

consider paul goaded...hmm...gimme a little time to get things rolling. it'll take me forever to come up with catchy titles though


Anonymous said...

i was so sad that alex was gone and we wouldn't be hanging out on tuesday that i bought myself some jeans.

alex, man, this one's for you.

mr. pixie

ShanghaiCowgirl said...

While Paul is jumping on the Blog-train *insert "Midnight Train to Georgia" musical woo-woo here* who else can we goad?

I know that Miz Crow has a zine. But fer sure she should be next. Her emails are barbalicious.

Anonymous said...

actually, i've been meaning to start one for months now. the plan is to put all my depressing political/religious information there so i don't suddenly start bringing people down while we're trying to eat chicken or watch _american chopper_.

if you find discussions of theocracy barbalicious, you'll find my potential blog barbalicious.

mr. pixie,
that's miz. crow to you

ShanghaiCowgirl said...

See, the funny thing is that you're writing all smarty-smart about theocracy and stuff. And then I'm talkin' about things that are barbalicious. And by barbalicious I mean things that are groovy to barbapapas. But if you can combine those two things together in a blog, well. You'll be a goddess. Or a barbamama. Maybe a barbalib?

Wow. It's amazing that I can hold reasonably intelligent and adult conversations.