Friday, May 27, 2005

if I never have a cent / I'll be rich as Rockefeller...

Today is going pretty well, which would be less surprising if it hadn't started (around one thirty this morning) with one of my cats breaking my favourite lamp, and the other one throwing up a scary amount of half-digested kibble by the bed. Sort of...SMASH! GLURT!

"It's okay," I said to spook, hands pressed tightly over my eyes, "it didn't match the decor anyway. No one got hurt. It's only stuff. Why do we have cats, anyway?"
"Your 'tiniest-bathmat-in-the-world' idea is looking better and better," he grumbled, picking up pieces of apple-green glass.

But then we got up several hours later, and I made rice and beans and corn for our lunches, and spook packed tortillas, and I took the garbage out, and it's very sunny. We've started getting RSVP cards in the mail (so exciting!) and I'm gonna get out the muslin we bought on the weekend and see about cutting it to size for blinds.

It's funny--I have thought of myself as a pretty negative person, always able to see the crappy side of things, but once a week or so, someone says something like "You're the happiest person in this store." or "You're always in a good mood. How do you do that?" And I know the answer is "practice."
Obviously I'm oversimplifying, or I wouldn't need antidepressants. It's just--okay, it's like this: every day has twenty-four hours. That twenty-four hours is going to happen whether I enjoy it or not, and at the end of it, it will be over. So if I can, I might as well have a good time, and if I can't, I can be comforted that the time goes by just the same. I'm planning to wear this happiness groove into my brain. It's the accessory that goes with all my outfits. Well, my cats are also quite stylish.


TW said...

Because I'm THAT guy....

Every year one day has 23 hours.
Every year one day has 25 hours.

At least in this part of the world. Stupid farmers.

I like the blog tho.

Meredith said...

Dude, it was never about the farmers. It was about baseball. See, in the days before we had lit stadiums, the daylight always ran out before the game was over. So they messed with time to fix the problem.

Besides, how many cows or roosters do you know that care what time it is?

'col said...

as I discovered while travelling across the country, Saskatchewan doesn't even do daylight savings time. because they're rebels, and they'll never be any good.

TW said...

I didn't actually say the farmers were the cause of anything. I was just calling them stupid.

Yeah, maybe I'm not stupid, just weirdly irrational. I figured DST helped with having help from children, in the morning during school days (there is some logic there).

My google-fu wins tho, while baseball might have been part of the argument for implementing DST in certain areas, the major reason was energy conservation.

DST url: