Saturday, April 30, 2005

who took the bomp from the bomp-a-lomp-a-lomp/ who took the ram from the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong?

Do you ever have one of those days where all you want to do is go back to bed? Yeah, that.

I can tell you all about the good stuff that's been going on--mostly house-wise. We finally painted the bedroom last weekend. It took the better part of two days, but I like it, and suddenly our furniture looks good in the room. (Cherry-coloured stain should not be paired with blue-gray walls.) We picked a pretty pale blue for the ceiling, a sand colour for the walls, a slightly lighter sand colour for the weird panel-y inset and the doorway, and a chocolate brown for the trim. The wall colour is more yellow than I thought it would be (mr. pixie pointed out that the blue from the ceiling pushes the yellow in the walls and vice versa--I know this stuff about the colour wheel, but I rarely remember it. Designers! Consult an artist!) but I think it's still okay. For the truly dedicated (or bored) amongst us, the colours are Riviera Sand (Behr 320E-3), Revival Mahogany (Behr 760B-7), Powder (Debbie Travis CM331), and Linen Sand, a Benjamin Moore colour that I tragically cannot find the number for. I know you're heartbroken.

We also bought bookcases to wall off the office space, although IKEA was out of the last one we needed, so we have two thirds of an office wall. It's two thirds exciting and now all our poetry is stored in one place. I also took the curbside dresser spook brought home and cut the bottom two drawers off. It is now painted the same colour as the bedroom trim and makes a fantastic new bedside table.

I think I'm not so much unhappy as tired. We still haven't got any idea about invitations to our barbecue, and although part of me is suggesting that it's a stupid thing to be worried about, another part of me is screaming that they have to go in the mail in the next two weeks, and if I think I'm going to be making, oh, forty of them, perhaps I should get started on that. Yesterday. I can't imagine how people ever plan weddings that have dresses and bridesmaids and catering and registries and engraving and centrepieces. The very idea makes me want to sleep for a week. If you all get children's birthday party invitations, you know why.

Lilo & Stitch

Yep. Love. And a hammock.


Anonymous said...

one could ask for help in the making of invitations. also, consider block printing or having a stamp made instead of the individually hand cut paper pasted on cardstock invitations i suspect you of planning.

i'd like a sane cole, myself, but do what you gotta.

mr. pixie

'col said...

there was working out something not-ridiculous with the spookymonkey. I think things will be okay. it is good to know, however, that there is cavalry.

Kendra said...

I know what you are going through (we are in the middle of booking appointments to get quotes from florists, wedding cake people, chair rentals, photographers, bag piper, registering for gifts etc. etc.). Plus, thought we'd get a head start on our invitations, Web site and mix CDs....

If you are looking for ideas (or help!) let us know!

One easy idea is the e-invite. No envelope lickage involved and you avoid the cost of stamps.


Anonymous said...

can you send me a pic of your room with the riviera sand to