Wednesday, February 23, 2005

wanna go where the weather suits my clothes

Sun! Sun! Actual sunbeams in my apartment, spilling all over my bed and illuminating every cobweb and dust mote left by my shoddy housekeeping! Sun making my plants happy as I run around placing them in little slivers of light!
Even more miraculous, there was a sunbeam falling into my store today, over in my section. Folks, I work in a mall. There are windows that overlook the street, but they're clear on the other side of the store--mine mostly overlook Williams Sonoma. And yet through a convergence of skylights, weather, and luck, I happened to be shelving in the 'F's just in time to get bonked with full-spectrum, vitamin D producing sunlight.

I came home and got out of my grownup clothes and into a pair of spook's old jeans and my Tank Girl undershirt, and now I am listening to a tape I was given as a present in 1997 and resisting the urge to waltz my cats around. I'm sure they appreciate it, but probably not as much as they should.

Next, tea, and a little spring cleaning before I lose this sense of omnipotence.

p.s. Why is my hair suddenly cute now that I'm home by myself when it was hopeless all day? I want to talk to the deity responsible for haircuts. Surely this arrangement is a mistake.


Adam said...

In the many years I have known you, you have averaged one un-cute hair day per year. Bad hair is not mutually exclusive with cute hair. Otherwise I'd prolly be screwed.

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