Sunday, February 20, 2005

at the House of Steroids, we take your well-being seriously.

I went to the library yesterday even though I maybe shouldn't have, because I needed something else to do, and apparently reading was it. There are a whole bunch of things I want to do around the house, but some of them involve chemicals I ought not to be inhaling right now, and some of them involve more activity than I'm up for.
I was whiny by the time spook got home. I want to go out in the world! I want to see people! Of course, when they come over I'm too tired to enjoy them a lot of the time.
Does it strike anyone else as exceedingly sucky that my health benefits, which would pay a whole lot of the cost of my prescription drugs, start on the first of March? I now have colour-coded inhalers (one of which can contribute to thrush!) at the combined cost of about $80. Add to that a whole bunch of missed work, and spook's paying most of the bills again this month.

Know what, though? I feel better today. Some of it is probably corticosteroids. (I feel like an infomercial.)

I want my sari fabric to arrive so that I can begin the long and probably futile project of convincing spook that green curtains would be fantastic in our living room. I'm thinking of painting some picture frames later. I am encouraged by the sheer volume of email dedicated to including me in movie-seeing, whether or not it turns out to be possible. I'm feeling the love, whereas yesterday I was mostly feeling the inadequacy of my lungs.

Things I'm grateful for today: years worth of journals, black and white photography, Peek Freans fruit creme cookies, Sleater-Kinney, my messy office, Toronto Public Library, my enormous windows, people who still love me after discovering my fondness for Juice Newton.


Jennifer said...

When do your bionic lungs arrive in the mail?

Seriously, it is a bummer about your continuing sickness. I wish I was there so I could do something that would entertain you.

Reading is good. Keep that up! Have you read A Complicated Kindness? It is pure genius.

Thanks also, for all the kind words over at my blog. You rule!


Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you feel the love in the endless dithering or our emailed plans.

i cut you out of the distribution because it just seemed mean after a while. or maybe vain, like you're fascinated by the smallest details of my life.

i do love you, though. and i like seeing you too.

i'm considering getting my own blog just so i have somewhere to put the information about christian theocracy i can spout of apparently at random. i just did it over at the eye's blog. they made the mistake of talking about thomas jefferson and "the godless constitution."

that'll learn them.

mr. pixie

Adam said...

mostly, I am glad you made it out to the movie.