Thursday, February 03, 2005

secret agent man

When I left work today, there was a guy standing on the corner with a megaphone shouting "Hallelujah! You--you there in the green coat! Jesus knows where you live! Hallelujah!"

Like Jesus works for the CIA, and he's going to show up with a thick folder to talk to you about your political involvements, and that time you smoked pot in your dorm room.


Anonymous said...

My (housemate's) dog's newest fetish item is your action figure Jesus. The pantry has become a sort of a taberbacle. His eyepaint looks all funny with the bite mark distortions. So maybe Jesus has to squint to see where you live now. Is nothing sacred, pooch?

The co-relation of love and knowing where you live is not clear to me. Does that make the letter carrier polyamourous? I think this has to do with some on-going confusion between Santa and The Big Guy/Girl.

None of the things that have made me feel loved by the Divine have involved a yelling stranger.
-Megaphoneless Martha

Foot said...

I was kind of hoping that most of these crazies would have disappeared after seeing that Jesus wasn't going to show up on Jan 1st, 2000. Religion can be a scary thing when it's given to someone whose mind is blown wide open.

Adam said...

Threatening people with a stalking son of god is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

the many grammys and touchdowns dedicated to god have pleased him and so he has granted us a respite in these the end times.

his garage is prolly getting pretty full though. so best get yourself saved.

you know if you want the real evangelical scary i've got some for you. just the other day i got a jews for jesus pamphlet. yesterday my roommate got a man from hamilton's beautifully printed conversion story.

holy holy holy,