Monday, May 18, 2009

Come with me if you want to live.


I know I just moved and all, and there are probably a number of updates that people might be happy to have about what's going on in my life and this trailer is no longer even that new, but...

Apocalyptic sf makes me flaily.

The first Terminator movie made deep deep grooves in my brain when I saw it as a kid, and I am similarly excited about this, Christian Bale's douchebaggery notwithstanding. And how excited am I? I'm wondering whether it would even be possible to get in to see it on Thursday, and if not, how soon thereafter we could go, given our work schedules.

I am full of squee.

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Seb said...

I'm excited to see it too. I was recently reading an article by a sci fi editor about how almost all of the new work in the genre seems to be about dystopias. Gone is the optimism of previous eras when authors would speculate on the wild and wacky things we would get into and the crazy places we'd go. It's not hard to see why this is the case, what with the world falling apart and such. Hey, did you see Children of Men?

Oh, and let's not insult American Psycho...I mean, Christian Bale. He's just so tough that he doesn't care who he fights. Sound guys, mothers, it's all the same to him. Now that man must have some balls, because most of us are too afraid to hit our moms. See, he's brave, not crazy.