Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the country where we sleep, hopefully better

We bought a mattress! We kind of didn't intend to--we just went in to Sleep Country "to look." But realistically, who "looks" at mattresses? We lay down on a lot of them at the behest of our very enthusiastic salesperson. And, eerie moment, after the first one she said "I love the communication, the way you're looking at each other right there, but I want to know what each of you think. It's important that you're both comfortable." Uh, dude, that's totally what our marriage counsellor said. She was some kind of Mattress Jedi. And then she found us the model we liked which had been ordered for a floor model for another store, but was too big. So it was brand new, but being sold at the floor model price, which was four hundred dollars cheaper.

So yeah, we're gonna have a real bed. Woohoo!

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