Thursday, October 11, 2007

this just in: Liberals least evil

I thank the people of Ontario for not electing John Tory. I'm not sure Dalton McGuinty is a prize of any description, but at least I don't have to endure four years of leadership by someone who looks like the Playdoh Mop Top Hair Shop does his styling. I don't trust that man to dress himself, let alone run my province. (I was going to make a Ken doll joke here, but seriously...did you see his hair during his concession speech? It defies description.)

The good folks on the teevee punctuated their election coverage by reading viewer email as it scrolled up the screen. One of the notes, and I wish I could quote directly, said something like: "Ontario voters have not said that the Liberals are the best choice. They have said that the Liberals are the LEAST EVIL choice." We looked at the screen, chorused "LEAST EVIL!" with accompanying hand gestures, and dissolved into fits of giggles. A graphic demonstration of why your caps lock button is your enemy, especially if you're trying to make a point.


Boethius said...

Well, they are not actually the LEAST evil, right? I mean, the LEAST evil would be, by definition GOOD. What the Liberals are is LESS evil than the Fascists. And anyone who tries to tell me that "right wing" does not necessarily mean "Fascist" is either a Fascist, or someone who knows nothing about politics and, despite being angry that the semi-fascists have won the election, I can at least be comforted by one thing: We all know the Liberals don't have the balls to march on Ottawa in their black shirts and demand "provisional" control of the least, let's hope not, otherwise my red bandana and Kalishnikov will have to come out sooner then South America jungle and revolutionary militia yet.

On a lighter note, HI! I'm gonna try to update my blog more, so maybe I can have something interesting to talk about. Ciao.

'col said...

hmm. leaving aside the polemic, I'm not sure I agree that "least evil" would equal "good." how do you come to that?

Boethius said...

It all depends on whether you are defining "least evil" as "the nicest of the evil parties", or as "the party with the smallest amount of evil in it". Since the smallest amount can be none, then the party that is least evil (by the second definition, which is the one I was thinking of) must then be good.

Of course, if you use the first definition, then yes, Liberals are the niciest of the evil parties, and thus least evil.

Hehe, I just made us both right at the same time. Can I have a gold star or something?

'col said...

hmm. I still think you're not being rigorous enough. the smallest amount of evil can be none, but it isn't necessarily. and perhaps (again, not necessarily for the sake of the abstract, but possibly) all parties are evil by virtue of being parties. under the terms of the discussion so far, we haven't ruled that out. (now I'm envisioning keggers. but you get my point.)

Boethius said...

OK, then let's just agree that the Liberals weren't really the least evil party in the last election...I think that's fair to say.