Friday, May 18, 2007

I act like I have faith, and like that faith never ends/ but I really just have friends

There's an amazing freedom in relationships with no bullshit. In friendships where I say "this is what I need," and the other person says "okay, I can work with that." Or "that doesn't really work for me, but let's find a compromise." Right now I want to find all of you who give me that and kiss you.

I'm having a slightly tangled, drama-y week or so, and it's those interactions that are allowing me to breathe right now, because I'm not spending a million times the energy I have trying to decode everything. No code. No point. Just talk.

This is one of the things that makes adulthood worth it.

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erin said...

:) thanks for the reminder to email random house with my new store. i'm at chapters in richmond #768. i miss you guys too, especially because one of my coworkers from here is going there to be with you!

i hate running, until i'm out the door, then i love it. it seems wierd even to me.