Wednesday, April 25, 2007

That's it. I'm calling my children Dick and Jane and be done with it.

I should probably be somewhat concerned with the number of "kids these days..." conversations I've had of late. I know--I know--that too much self-righteousness is a giant road sign that says YOU WILL SOON BE SORRY YOU DISPLAYED YOUR SUPERIORITY COMPLEX IN PUBLIC. But sometimes I look at the world around me, and I can't believe what I'm seeing. I found a perfect example on Baby Names World this morning. Ahem:

"Yesterday in the grocery store while I waiting to check out there was the cutest baby in front of me so naturally, being obsessed with names, I had to find out what it was. The mother told me...
Demelza Elixabete. No joke! I was shocked, and so happy, I thought these names were only used on the boards here, I was so glad to see them used on an actual baby.. I told her what a great naming style she had and she laughed and told me her hubby wanted to name her McKenzie, good thing momma got the vote.
P.S. they call her Demi (DEM-mee) for short, so cute"

I...WHAT!? I keep shaking my head and blinking in the hopes that my vision will clear up and I'll discover that it was all a terrible mistake. The baby was named what!? Why would-- But just-- I can't--

No. Just no.


erin said...

dude i was doing the exact same thing this afternoon! (instead of studying)
actually i was more angry about the names that i like becoming super popular. because they didn't use to be. but yeah.

btw i just realised you had a blog now. you inspired me to start one. now i can talk incessently to everyone across the abyss of the internet!

Miss Julia said...

Ok, you want bad?
Kevin watched a talk show about people with crazy names.
There was one family in who was having a feud. A man was in a fight with his sister over his neice's name. The poor thing was names Shithead.
"It's pronounced Shy-theed." was her argument.

Right now we have two names picked out. Molly and Edith. (Edie for short)(EE-dee) Molly Marusic and Edie Marusic. They are kick ass names. I like Edith a little more now and it is an uncommon name these days, but it's not RIDICULOUS.

Sure, your kid will be made fun of for their name no matter what ("Julia POOlia! Your name has POO in it!"), but there are ways you can avoid this happening to them when they're adults too.

Shithead... WTF.
Yeah, I think we know who the shit head is, MOM!!

'col said...

Molly and Edith are good, especially with Marusic. I will admit that Edith would not have occurred to me, but with the resurgence of older names, it's one that hasn't gotten overwhelming, and Edie is adorable. I also love you for the fact that you haven't felt the need to alter the spelling in bizarre and unnecessary ways. "Edythe," for example. What's with sticking a "y" into names at random?

Now I'm going to be amusing myself all day with new and increasingly horrible ways to spell Edith.


hee hee