Saturday, October 21, 2006

just what our apartment does when we're not around / does not concern us

We've been griping for ages about how what this apartment really needs is one more room. And so when I started muttering about moving the bed into the space the office had occupied, spook got a wary look. "I'm gonna talk about it a lot," I said "but don't freak out. I'm all talk and no action." Then I paced back and forth measuring things and grumbling to myself until he came over to see what I was up to.

Later, he told me "As soon as you got the measuring tape out, I knew it was over."

Happily, he was up for the maniac endeavor of moving everything in our apartment around. And so voila! I now live somewhere huge. This is our new entryway. You may have the sense that there's enough space to turn around in. And you would be right! For the first time ever!

This is the view from the end of the entry hall (hee!). The kitchen, not pictured because I haven't moved it, is behind me. We got a table! We haven't had room for a table! It's so exciting.

More table action.

So, coming around the Bookcase Formerly Known As This Is Too Fucking Big, What Were We Thinking, we have this lovely door to bounce some more light around.

But wait! What could be behind this mysterious and ratty-looking curtain?

It is the bed! My one true stroke of genius! Since all we ever did in the bedroom was sleep, we have now created a bedroom big enough for the bed and one end table with a lamp, and that's it. It's all boxed in with bookcases and strangely unobtrusive from the rest of the apartment although there are some kinks (*cough* curtain *cough*) that we're still working out. Plus, due to the cubbyhole nature of the bookcase of hugeness, there are all kinds of spaces at the end of the bed for books, a glass of water, etc.

And in case anyone was wondering what had become of the former bedroom, this is it. Cool, eh?

The whole thing was an epiphany. Whee!


Miss Julia said...

I love it!

I wish I could switch my living & bed rooms. But then the desk (read: computer) would be in the bedroom and that is a no-no for me. Nothing electrical beyond lights, a clock radio & a lamp or two are allowed in my sleep space. (yes... sleep...riiight) Maybe a stereo. MAYBE.
But our livingroom is so huge and our bedroom is so small. :(

BUT, I love our new apartment so very much.
e-mail me so I can send you our new #.

retiredragon said...

You might want to try a room divider screen to replace the curtain.