Thursday, April 13, 2006

"That's it! I'm tired of being the one who eats bugs and gets the funny syphillis! From now on, I am nobody's butt-monkey."

Some people sit down and have a good, deep examination of their lives at New Year's. Some people do it at Samhain. And some people do it when they freak out and realize that the current plan of attack is playing out something like the Charge of the Light Brigade. Guess which kind I am.

I also have one of those personalities where, once I see a set of choices, I have to pick one. Like, yesterday. Ambiguity? Not my best thing. With all that vagueness out there, I'll get to the point, which is that this last week I went down to part-time hours at my job. It's all part of my clever plan to take scary poverty in trade for improved health.

The irony is therefore not lost on me that this week, I have succumbed to the horrible gooey springtime cold that's going around. I envisioned this time being spent making salads and doing yoga, but instead it's been more watching Buffy reruns and huddling on the couch eating ice cream to console myself. Also sleeping. A lot of sleeping.

I did dredge up the energy to put a whole bunch of library books on hold, so I'll be getting right on with that self-improvement thing as soon as I can sit up for long periods of time.


Before plunging over a precipice of virus-y self-pity, I managed to attend Sarah and Paul's Jack and Jill casino night. It was beyond awesome to see so many people I love all in one room and happy. I am so lucky.


Adam said...

putting books on hold via the internerd = best thing ever.

Miss Julia said...

Aw... Poor sicky. :( My mom's sick right now too. I think I didall my sick last month with a two day fever that left a tiny spot in my vivion. (Apparently harmless) Sick sucks, but at least you get to be babied. I was such an absolutely huge suck last month that once feeling better I got Kev a thank you card.

Hope you feel better soon!!

'col said...

eee... fun with the harmless blindness. glad that's mostly in the past.

this was a stupid sick, 'cause spook was miserable and in pain with a bad tooth. fortunately, I have mostly recovered, and he is off getting a root canal.